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Laserlite Polycarbonate Roofing

Extend Our Outdoor Lifestyle

Laserlite Polycarbonate Roofing products are certified to meet the stringent Australian Standard Guidelines, ensuring their durability and reliability in the face of Australia’s unique and sometimes extreme weather conditions. With excellent UV protection year-round, polycarbonate roof sheets are suitable for various applications, including domestic, commercial, and industrial settings. Laserlite offers a range of performance levels to meet your specific requirements. Whether you aim to reduce heat or enhance light transmission through your roof space, Laserlite has the perfect product to suit your needs.

How it works

UV rays, wind, hail and rain have the potential to make polycarbonate resins brittle and lose colour over time. Advanced WeatherguardTM protects the sheet and protects from harmful UV radiation. 

How it works

Infra red light emitted by the sun passes through polycarbonate sheet making it warm underneath. Comfort CoolTM Technology reflects the heat away whilst letting visible light through with less glare.

Polycarbonate Roofing Sheets at Competitive Prices

At Singh Roofing Supplies, you’ll discover top-quality Laserlite polycarbonate roofing sheets at consistently affordable prices. We offer a wide selection of polycarbonate roofing colors, transparency levels, and sizes to suit your needs.

Whether you choose clear polycarbonate sheets or a grey tint, rest assured that each sheet provides 99% UV protection. With Laserlite’s polycarbonate roofing sheets, you can have confidence that you’re shielded from harmful UV rays, no matter the color or transparency level.

Introduction to Laserlite Polycarbonate Roofing in Melbourne

Laserlite polycarbonate roofing is renowned as the leading choice for roofing solutions in Melbourne. Certified under rigorous Australian Standard Guidelines, Laserlite products are engineered to endure the unique and often harsh weather conditions prevalent in Melbourne.

Versatility is a hallmark of Laserlite polycarbonate roof sheets, making them suitable for a wide range of applications, from domestic to commercial and industrial settings. Offering exceptional UV protection year-round, Laserlite also provides various performance levels tailored to your specific requirements. Whether your focus is on heat reduction or enhancing light transmission, Laserlite offers the ideal solution.

Why Choose Laserlite Roof Sheeting?

Laserlite stands out as the preferred roofing option for Melbourne and nearby areas like Dandenong, Preston, and Glenroy for several reasons:

  1. Exceptional Functionality: Laserlite roof sheeting surpasses standard roofing materials in functionality, offering superior performance.

  2. Aesthetic Appeal: Enhancing the visual appeal of any space, Laserlite creates a captivating atmosphere in homes and offices alike.

  3. Amplified Natural Light: These polycarbonate roof sheets significantly increase the transmission of natural light, enhancing the illumination of roof spaces.

  4. UV Protection: Laserlite roof sheeting provides added UV protection, ensuring a safe environment free from harmful UV rays.

  5. Positive Customer Response: Customers in Melbourne, Coburg, Campbellfield, and Cranbourne have responded positively to Laserlite products, highlighting their effectiveness.

  6. Quality and Affordability: Laserlite roof sheeting delivers premium quality at surprisingly affordable prices, setting it apart in the market.

  7. Versatile Tint Options: Whether opting for a clear sheet or a grey tint, customers enjoy 99% UV protection, catering to specific needs.

Laserlite Sheets to Suit All Tastes and Budgets

Flexibility, innovation, and durability define Laserlite polycarbonate sheets. Available in various colors and transparency levels, Laserlite allows for customization to match personal preferences and building themes. Combining traditional charm with modern technology, Laserlite sheets are the preferred roofing option for homeowners across Melbourne.

Extend Your Outdoor Lifestyle with Laserlite Products

Certified under strict Australian Standard Guidelines, Laserlite polycarbonate roofing withstands the unique and sometimes extreme Australian weather conditions. Offering excellent UV protection year-round, Laserlite products are suitable for a wide range of applications, including domestic, commercial, and industrial settings. With various performance levels available, Laserlite ensures that your roofing needs are met, whether you seek heat reduction or improved light transmission through your roof space.

Your Guide to Buying Laserlite Polycarbonate Roofing Online

Step 1: Explore and Select

  • Explore our wide range of Colorbond steel roofing products in various colours and designs.
  • Choose the perfect product for your project.
  • Specify the quantity and dimensions to match your project’s requirements.

Step 2: Talk to Our Sales Team

  • Visit or call us (03) 9394 1400
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  • Provide your billing and delivery details, including your preferred delivery date.

Step 3: Order Processing and Delivery

  • Our team will swiftly process your order.
  • Your Colorbond steel roofing products will be en route to your location within 48 hours.

Featured Laserlite Roofing Products

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