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Colorbond Downpipes Accessories


At Singh Roofing Supplies, we offer an extensive selection of COLORBOND® Downpipes, crafted with the same advanced five-layer system as COLORBOND® roofing. This ensures you receive the benefits of Activate® technology, along with the peace of mind that comes from over 50 years of COLORBOND® steel testing in harsh Australian conditions.

Our COLORBOND® Downpipes come in a variety of sizes to suit your specific requirements. The most sought-after sizes include 100x50mm for rectangular downpipes, or if you prefer round downpipes, the 75mm option will be an ideal fit.

Eaves or No Eaves? - We have Offsets To Suit

For homes with varying eave sizes, whether standard at 450mm or extending to larger spans of 600mm, we offer adjustable Downpipe Offsets designed to accommodate your needs. Our offsets can be adjusted from 450mm to 600mm, ensuring a perfect fit for your eaves.

If your home lacks eaves altogether, no need to worry. We also provide Federation Downpipe Offsets tailored for gutters positioned only 50-60mm off your wall.

Our entire selection of Downpipes and Offsets is available in all current COLORBOND® colors, as well as standard ZINCALUME® steel options.

Rain Gutter Downpipes and Downpipe Accessories in Melbourne

With Singh Roofing Supplies at your disposal, managing heavy rainfall in Melbourne becomes much simpler! With years of industry expertise behind us, we stand out as a premier provider of top-quality Zincalume and Colorbond downpipes. Our extensive range of downpipes and accessories in Melbourne is crafted to accommodate a wide array of architectural styles and specifications.

Premium Colorbond Downpipes in Melbourne

Investing in a durable, long-lasting downpipe system can save both time and money in the long term. At Singh Roofing Supplies, we proudly offer high-quality Colorbond downpipes, meticulously engineered with a five-layer system to ensure maximum resilience. These downpipes are equipped with Activate technology, backed by over 50 years of Colorbond steel testing in harsh Australian conditions.

The robust attributes of Colorbond downpipes make them an ideal choice for homes across Melbourne, including areas such as Coburg, Campbellfield, and their surroundings.

How to Choose the Right Downpipes for Your Home

Selecting the appropriate downpipes for your home entails considering various factors, including the architectural style, roof size, local rainfall levels, and the presence of eaves.

Eaves: Whether your home features standard 450mm eaves or extends to larger 600mm eaves, our adjustable Downpipe Offsets ranging from 450mm to 600mm cater to your needs.

No Eaves: If your home lacks eaves, fear not. Our Federation Downpipe Offset is tailored for gutters positioned only 50-60mm off your wall.

Regardless of your choice, our entire range of Downpipes and Offsets is available in all current Colorbond colors and standard Zincalume steel. With Singh Roofing Supplies at your service, rely on our expert guidance and extensive product selection to assist you in making the optimal decision for your home.

Why Choose Us for Your Rain Gutter Downpipes?

At Singh Roofing Supplies, customer satisfaction is our priority. We strive to provide high-quality products and excellent service to our customers in Melbourne, Coburg, Cranbourne, and the surrounding areas. Our extensive range of Colorbond downpipes and downpipe accessories is designed to cater to diverse needs and preferences. We offer expert advice and assistance to help you choose the right products for your home.

With Singh Roofing Supplies, you can rest assured that your home is protected, rain or shine. We invite you to browse through our extensive collection online or give us a call today at (03) 9394 1400.

Your Guide to Buying Colorbond Downpipes Accessories

Step 1: Explore and Select

  • Explore our wide range of Colorbond steel roofing products in various colours and designs.
  • Choose the perfect product for your project.
  • Specify the quantity and dimensions to match your project’s requirements.

Step 2: Talk to Our Sales Team

  • Visit or call us (03) 9394 1400
  • Alternatively, you can email your request through to our sales team (
  • Provide your billing and delivery details, including your preferred delivery date.

Step 3: Order Processing and Delivery

  • Our team will swiftly process your order.
  • Your Colorbond steel roofing products will be en route to your location within 48 hours.
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