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Top 10 Tools Every Metal Roofing Pro Needs

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When it comes to metal roofing, the right style, colour, and installation can significantly enhance the aesthetics of any home. It also protects against searing heat, heavy rain, and ocean gusts. In Melbourne, the popularity of metal roof installation is steadily increasing, especially for new builds and home renovations.
If you plan to design a new metal roof or replace your current one, you can easily access the expertise of leading metal roofing professionals like Singh Roofing Supplies. They are known for their meticulous planning, flawless execution, and use of premium materials to create a custom metal roof tailored to your needs.
In this blog, we will discuss the top 10 tools every metal roofing professional should have to ensure the highest quality in roof construction, restoration, and repairs.

List of 10 Tools Every Metal Roofing Pro Needs

Here are 10 tools necessary for any professional working in metal roofing. These tools are indispensable for achieving excellence in metal roof construction, restoration, and repairs.

125 x 22mm (5 x 7/8) Ultra-Thin Cut Off Wheel

A thin cutting disc designed for use with powered or cordless 125mm (5′′) angle grinders stands as the end product. It delivers exceptional performance with precise cutting and minimal burr formation. The outdated metal ring technology has been replaced, and a new manufacturing process has yielded a significantly higher-performing cutting disc.

These cutting discs feel light and comfortable to handle and provide a smooth textured finish as required. Their efficiency becomes evident when cutting through steel and stainless steel, as it’s done swiftly and effectively. Moreover, their long-lasting performance reduces the frequency of wheel replacements, resulting in cost savings.

Channellock Tinsnip Offset Right Hand Aviation 610FR

These are the best tools for cutting curves and straight lines and can cut 18 gauge cold rolled and 22 gauge stainless steel sheets with ease. The offset design keeps material away from the operator. For strength and longevity, the blades are made of molybdenum alloy steel, which is produced entirely in the United States. Cutting performance is substantially improved with thorough cutting motions and precise trimming cuts with application of the less effort, and hand fatigue is avoided by the long-lasting double overwind spring.

Drill HSS Quick Bit Hex Shank Q/Change 1/8in P&N

Quick bit P&N is perfectly suitable for hand-held drilling on various ferrous and non-ferrous materials. These drills enable the speedy replacement of conventional 1/4″ hex shank power bits. With this extensive selection of power drill bits and accessories, it is a convenient and effective power tool used for many tasks.

It allows quick replacement of any 1/4 hex shank bit without a chuck key and switches from a drill bit to a screwdriver without much effort and time. The issue of using two drills or repeatedly loosening and tightening the chuck can be avoided while using these tools.

M1R Red Left and M2R Green Right Wiss Snips

These efficient tools enable more consistent serrations and yield a cleaner cut. Their excellent spring-action design allows for fast, effortless use for both left- or right-handed users with a comfortable one-handed use.

Users have better control over cutting activities thanks to the new extended non-slip handle grips. Compared to conventional aviation snips, it has a cut life of up to 10 times longer and is most suitable for straight cut, right/straight cut, and left/straight cut options.

Rafter Marker – Mark Out Rafters

With the Rafter Markers, jobs can be marked out quickly and easily with accuracy. It is easy to set up by selecting the pivot point and then turning the adjustment screw. After that, you can move the Rafter Marker up the rafter, which leaves text marks along the way.

OX Pro 305mm Combination Square

These are superior cast and machine sliding stock with rules made of stainless steel with metric graduations engraved on it. With this tool, it is possible to mark 45° and 90° with a depth adjustable for repetition. This tool enables you to mark and scribble on the metal surface conveniently and precisely.

OX Pro Aviation Snips with Holster

Aviation snips are cut straight through metal sheets with precision cut sizes utilising its heat-treated teeth. The maximum cut sizes for stainless steel are 0.9 mm, and mild steel is 1.5 mm. It is easy to handle with a better grip and requires less effort. It has fully adjustable and replaceable jaws.

For the convenience of using it, their designs are as follows:

  • OX PRO Aviation Snips with Holster (Green) – Right cut
  • OX PRO Aviation Snips with Holster (Red) – Left cut
  • OX PRO Aviation Snips with Holster (Yellow) – Straight cut

Sheet Metal Grip Locking Pliers Clamp

These are valuable tools for secure gripping with a unique crank handle that makes pressure adjustment and jaw opening quick and simple. The top and bottom jaws include non-slip grip markings that make it more convenient. Even with the largest jaw opening, these pliers have a little handle spread so that one can hold it conveniently with better control and can quickly lock and release. You can easily insert a screwdriver to increase or decrease the torque as required.

TT55D Hand Riveter

The TT55D Hand Riveter is perfect for low-production or on-site applications. It is simple to maintain and fully supplied with spare parts, including 2.4 mm, 3.2 mm, and 4.0 mm nosepieces. It is compact and lightweight, with a mandrel gripping mechanism for efficient performance.

Midwest Tin Snips, 2 Pieces

This 2-Pc. Offset aircraft Snip Sets include Models MWT-6510L and MWT-6510R for left and right direction and offer the best agility when cutting complete sheets or tight curves in any direction. The bottom blade has serrations to help it grab objects. It allows precise trim cuts with minimal debris.

Long cuts are made more accessible by offset blades, which divert sharp material edges away from the user’s hand. The blade pivot bolt is screwed into the bottom blade, allowing for easy blade adjustment. It is capable of cutting through thick substances comfortably without hand fatigue.

Wrap up!

To achieve success in any metal roofing project, it’s essential to have the right tools and materials at your disposal. The 10 tools highlighted in this blog are indispensable for ensuring excellence in metal roof construction, restoration, and repairs.

From precision cutting discs to aviation snips and innovative marking tools, these instruments collectively form the backbone of a metal roofing professional’s toolkit. With the appropriate tools, you can take your metal roofing project to the next level.

At Singh Roofing Supplies, we provide these essential tools for your roofing needs. Contact us today to enhance your metal roofing projects, ensuring both the protection and visual appeal of your home.

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